Kite Brooch Earrings

Aquamarines set with pink sapphires, in blackened silver and rose gold.

Octagon Earrings

Diamonds set with pink spinels, in rose gold.

Kite Ring

Purple sapphire set with pink spinels, blue sapphires and diamonds in white and blackened gold

Lampião Earrings

Diamonds set with emeralds and natural pearls in white and blackened gold

Susan Ring

Burmese ruby, cat’s eye chrysoberyls and diamonds set in yellow gold

Lace Ring

Malawi garnet set with colour change garnets and diamonds in white gold

Heptagon Earrings

Blue spinel centre stones set with moonstones, diamonds and blue sapphires in gold and darkened silver

Fjord Ring

Ceylon sapphire set with diamonds, blue sapphires and emeralds in white gold.

Vitrail Ring

Zircons, garnets and diamonds, in white gold.

Burma Ring

Burmese ruby set with diamonds, in blackened silver and rose gold.